writingI’m a freelance journalist, editor and photographer who travelled to rural Honduras in February 2015 to document the work of a medical brigade. The team delivered free primary medical & dental care to vulnerable populations still reeling from Hurricane Mitch — a situation compounded by inadequate government support for health care and substandard facilities.

I captured their (and my) experiences through photographs, collected the stories of those delivering the care and those receiving it, to begin to understand the impact these medical missions have on the communities served.

While I once thought that my stories would be about these 12 days in Honduras, I want more. I need more to understand the place brigades have within a fractured health care system. I left in February but a piece of my heart will always be there with the land and the people. And I feel like many brigaders saw this trip as an end, but I see it as just the beginning.

The views, opinions and ideas expressed here are my own and do not reflect policy (official or otherwise) of any organization.


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